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This is the multiple stimulation of blood, body, spirit and soul, is the temptation that no one can refuse, let her forget where she is, she only has the most intuitive feeling, she wants him. A woman's most primitive desire for a man. Shen Tao suddenly sat up from the bed and looked around, it was a dream! Sweat kept falling from her forehead, and she had only seen the man a few times! She actually remembered clearly, even the man's slightly raised lips, the creepy deep gaze, the breath of every breath on that man's body. Is it true that she has not seen him in reality for too many days that she is so hungry and thirsty. She thought that in the office, the leader of the art group next to her often talked about that a woman was as fierce as a tiger. She's not even 30 yet, but she's in her late 20s. It is true that many colleagues in the company will mention the handsome and incredible top managers of the company, but in fact most of them only pay lip service to understand that this is a gap, at most just gossip. Who would go as often as she does. Shaw thinks about this. What should she do? It was impossible not to sleep, but if she continued to think about it, she was afraid that one day she would do something irreparable. Although there are many problems to be solved around Shen Tao now, the biggest headache for her at present is undoubtedly her irremediable secret love. She knew that it was mostly the previous subway encounter and the kindness of the other party to send her home, too close, so that she completely remembered his breath, plus she was already a little intoxicated,water bottle packaging machine, causing her to dream day and night. Feeling that there seemed to be something in the window, Shen Tao went to open the door and saw an animal flying away in the moonlight. It's not a bird. It's not a bird in the middle of the night. It was dark, the shape of the wings, and she remembered what it was, a bat? It was estimated that Xiao Bao had attracted him again, and Shen Tao closed the window again. Such a toss and turn, she also can not sleep, turned out the mobile phone,plastic bottle making machine, in addition to colleagues, there are few acquaintances phone, in the father's phone there paused, dialed the number of Yan Ling Lan. The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up. Sister stayed up for three days, if you have nothing important, believe me. Shen Tao knew that Yan Linglan, who had been in the laboratory, went to bed very late every day, and she felt a little guilty when she heard this. "Sister, you go to bed first, and I have nothing to do." Yan Linglan knows very well that Shen Tao is not necessarily able to shout out a sound even if she goes down with ten sticks. "Forget it, just say it directly, while I'm not angry yet." I.. I seem to have a crush on someone. "What, really?" In an instant, sleepyheads flew. Said this, but Shen Tao, PET blowing machine ,PET bottle Mold, that in addition to Mu Qingzhou to the opposite sex particularly exclusive Shen Tao. It can't be more true, but.. I feel there is no hope. Shen Tao crashed her car and found that the other party was a senior in the company. She had an accident in the elevator, the subway blocked the lady-killer for her, held an umbrella for herself, and met by chance by the river. It sounds like the frequency of meeting is quite high. Will he think you did it on purpose? She's just an outsider. It sounds like it. Sure enough, Sister Lan, do you think so? Her face. Of course, she knew that Shen Tao would never do such a thing. "Justice is in the hearts of the people. It only shows that you really have a lot of fate. And it can be seen that this man is polite, has a degree of advance and retreat, and obviously has a strict family education." Yan Linglan commented pertinently. Don't you think I'm a little ignorant? Bah, there you go again. Every time you flinch before you do it. Go! Do you know! Who cares? That's how I chased your brother! Show your courage to give birth to Xiao Bao when you break off the family relationship anyway! Besides, Shen Damei, can you have a little confidence? You look like this, and you're afraid that any man won't be fascinated by you? Shen Tao touched his face and sighed, "This is useless." The people around him are beautiful, and I think he's used to it. "Then you can find a way to take him down." "How?" Shen Tao has a little spirit. "What are his preferences, such as what he likes to eat, what he likes to use, what kind of people he appreciates, his usual life and rest, and so on? You all go to understand that there is always a breakthrough. Now there is a company, which is close to the water tower. How did you graduate from Nantah if you didn't take advantage of such a good opportunity?" Although a company, but in fact there is no chance to see, the floor is not the same. She also inquired about his preferences, but no one knew, think about it, he is so low-key, there is not even a picture outside, how can the staff know his preferences. As for what to eat, it should be blood bags, life and rest. "I don't know." "You don't even know how to get close. Get to know as much as you can. Aren't you a hacker? Invade his computer." "No, it's personal." "Well, then go to the place where he often goes, or see what time he meets during work, for example, by the way, is there any business trip in your unit?" No, I don't have a chance to travel as a programmer, and even if I did, it wouldn't be my turn. I tried this at work, but my car was sent for repair, and I didn't encounter it on the subway, and he went directly from the basement to the top floor, so I couldn't see it. Such secret attention is already her limit, before is to Yan Yin, she will only look at two eyes in the crowd. If there is no chance, won't you make your own chance to meet? You go to find out his schedule and find a way to get close according to his schedule and the places he passes. Do you have to follow him in this way? This is too much! "Where?"? I didn't ask you to hurt me. Yan Ling Lan doesn't think so. So, that's how you got my brother? For some reason, she suddenly felt some sympathy for her brother. Shen Tao felt that it was too obvious to deliberately create a chance encounter,water filling machine, and how could she justify herself if she was found out. And she lived to be twenty years old, and she really didn't do this kind of thing, and it was very likely that she would make a mistake. But the heart was pounding. She knew that deep down she was still moved by the proposal of Yan Ling Lan. gzxilinear.com